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A little heads up before we get going! This isn’t a cycling story or a review. This is a post about what I am doing here and what work I plan on putting in to improve the content you all get to read or watch. If you do take the time to read this I would be very grateful (very!) if you could take a minute to let me know what you would like to see or what parts of my blog you enjoy / don’t enjoy. Comments can be left at the bottom of the article or via my Instagram page. Thank you in advance. 


As I currently do a lot of my riding alone and all of my blog / website work alone, I would love to get in touch with some like minded people for some sort of collaboration. Whether it be a sharing of stories, a venture into the world of a podcast, a joint blog post, or maybe even a real world bike ride, please get in touch!

If that’s not up your street but you have friends or family that would be interested then please send this to them and tell them to say hello. The community that is interested in cycling / bikepacking appears to be friendly and helpful and I want to be able to dive into this pool of people to share and create new adventures. 

Email me here – thebikepackingdad1@gmail.com

The Start

On the 8th September 2022 I put my first post up on this blog. That wasn’t very long ago and already there has been a lot of changes, learning, improvements, as well as a healthy portion of 18 posts. I’m pretty proud of where the blog / website is at. 

The blog currently sits at 22 followers which is a number higher than I expected. What is even better is that a good chunk of that number belongs to people who I don’t know in real life! People who have found the blog either through WordPress, my Instagram, or Google. 

I am really enjoying the process of writing the blogs and reflecting upon cycling stories and adventures that I have enjoyed over the last few years since I rediscovered cycling. As you can guess by the name, the primary focus will hopefully be Bikepacking but as that is not the only type of cycling I do I will be sure to inflict other stories and articles on you all.

I have created a couple of other things to run in tandem with the blog. One of these is the Instagram account and the other is a YouTube account. This post isn’t all about trying to get you to click on those links and follow me here, follow me there etc! It’s more about continuing to document the journey that The Bikepacking Dad is going on. The focus and joy creating these articles has given me makes me want to extend my skills and reach. 

A Little Bit Further On From The Start…

So the other day I sat down and created a logo. Something that was personalised and, hopefully, unique to The Bikepacking Dad. A novice when it comes to these things I created a couple of drafts and some friends provided feedback. After a few changes and various ideas coming in and out of the creation process I went with the logo below.

T.B.P.D Logo

I wanted it to encapsulate the primary areas of my life with a bike theme running throughout. I think I accomplished that goal. If you have any thoughts on the logo, whether positive or negative, then let me know in the comments. 

Due to a having more free time when all of this started I was able to create posts more frequently. However, now life has kicked back into full swing the posts will be slightly less frequent. I am aiming for 2 or 3 per week. Isn’t there a classic saying about ‘quality over quantity’? That’s the plan!

It would be great to reach more people and this is definitely a goal of mine but I won’t churn out generic reviews about products I’ve never used to increase content. There’s more than enough of those on the internet! I want the things I write about to have a link to my experiences. I can’t imagine finding enjoyment writing about things just for the sake of writing.

YouTube – Here We Go…

The main feedback I have received, even from some close friends, is that people don’t want to read anymore. Attention spans are short and sometimes no matter the quality of your article, people would rather watch a video. Now this makes me a little bit sad. I have always enjoyed writing, and will continue to post articles, but I also want my experiences and reviews to reach people who prefer to consume stories and information via the art of video.

I have taken the plunge and delved into my meagre savings pot to purchase some basic equipment to get me started. It is all due to arrive this week! Once I have figured out how it all works and built up the confidence to talk to a camera alone in my garage (because that’s the reality of this venture) I will be posting my first full length video to the YouTube universe. If you do use YouTube you can subscribe to get a notification when that video finally lands.

There’s a lot of learning, mistakes, frustration, and time, to be poured into this creation before it ever reaches your eyes but if you can find the time to have a look when it does appear that would be magical. The aim of all of these articles has been to provide some sort of story or information with a dash of humour thrown in. My videos, when they arrive, will be much the same. 

“The Bikepacking Dad”

Now I know I’m getting way ahead of myself here but it’s nice to dream right… The logo, the name, the website, the creation of YouTube videos etc. What might it be? What could it become? 

In all honesty, it will most likely remain under the radar of most people and gradually build a small following who get to know me via the magical creation of the internet. Getting people to hit ‘like’ buttons and leave comments is hard enough but getting people to ‘share’ articles appears to be harder. First of all the reader needs to find the article useful, entertaining, informative etc. Then they need to identify someone else who could benefit from it. With a niche like Bikepacking / Cycling the ‘share’ part is the hardest.

As always, if you know someone who might be interested in any of my posts then send them a link. Sharing is caring as they say!

However, I am working hard in the background to create all of this and if it gets bigger than I expect then the plan would be to use “The Bikepacking Dad” as some sort of brand or business. It’s important to me that the blog and videos remain the central focus because after all that is what started it all. 

There’s so much content out there that standing out is pretty tough but if I do ever ‘stand out’ I want it to be for the right reasons. Those reasons being that people enjoy what I am producing. Simple.  I’m not naive, I know the chances of turning this into a business is pretty slim but that’s not going to stop me working away. 

The last month has been a real eye opener and this project has become an enjoyable task that I’m more than happy to expand upon. Followers and subscribers don’t happen overnight and I am still very much at the start of this journey. To all of you that are reading this, whether you’re a regular reader, subscriber, or new visitor, I just want to say thank you.

Again, if you want to do some sort of work together then say hello! That email address is up at the top.


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