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A page to share my cycling adventures. Bikepacking trips, an Everesting attempt, local exploration. It’s all here!

First Bikepacking Trip – Part 1

The time had come. I had a bike, I had bags, I had some basic camping gear, and a limited amount of camping knowledge and survival skills should this go terribly wrong. […] Read full article here!

First Bikepacking Trip – Part 2

I woke up about 7am to the sound of absolutely nothing. No cars, no people talking, no television or radio […] Read full article here!

Starting My Own Blog: The Story So Far!

I did have something else lined up for my next blog post but as I was walking the dogs earlier I heard that little tinkle of the WordPress App notification go off in my pocket. […] Read full article here!

My Cycling Story – Part 1

Now there’s two parts to this story but the first part will be pretty short and sound very familiar to most of you reading this. Like the majority of people I had bikes growing up as a child. […] Read full article here!

My Cycling Story – Part 2

So we got to the part where I was about to spend a mini fortune on a new road bike… If you’ve not read Part 1 click that link and catch up! Let’s take a little detour here though. […] Read full article here!

Local Adventures – It’s Right On Your Doorstep!

As great as it is to plan a bikepacking trip that will take you away for a night, or a number of nights, it’s important to remember that not all adventures have to take you dozens of miles from home. […] Read full article here!

Everesting – My Attempt!

So first of all I should probably clarify what ‘Everesting’ is and secondly I will move onto why an earth anyone, including me, would think this was a good idea. […] Read full article here!

Where Is This Going?

A little heads up before we get going! This isn’t a cycling story or a review. This is a post about what I am doing here and what work I plan on putting in to improve the content you all get to read or watch. […] Read full article here!

A Local Night Ride – Be Seen! Be Safe!

When you live in Scotland it doesn’t seem to take long for the summer to be leaving and the dark nights to start creeping up on us. […] Read full article here!

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