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Craft Cadence Cycling Backpack Review

A few weeks ago John from Craft Cadence got in touch with me and asked if I would like to test their 21 litre roll top backpack. As this is made specifically for cyclists, especially those who commute, I was quite excited to give it a go. […]

Well Hello 2023

It has been quite the festive period for The Bikepacking Dad! Not only did we have all the joys of Christmas with our toddler Arthur but we welcomed our second child Bryn into the family just before Christmas. […]

New Bike Day! Did Christmas Come Early…?

Good afternoon folks! An exciting little blog post to tell you all about a purchase I made the other day. Full review and photos etc will be appearing soon. However, enjoy the short video below for the reveal. […]

My Bikepacking Sleep System – What Am I Using?!

Now if you have read, or watched, any of my posts / videos, you will know that I like to be warm and cosy when I’m out there facing the elements. With that being said I thought it only right that I share my current bikepacking sleep system with you. […]

Best Bikepacking Bike?

Now depending on what corner of the internet you find yourself in you will read varying opinions on what bike is best for Bikepacking. There’s a good chance […]

The Bothy and The Bikepackers

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I embarked upon a bikepacking trip that tested us a little more than we would have liked. The weather was brutal in every sense. […]

Winter Is Here – Part 1 – What to Wear?

As I pressed down on the door handle and swung the door inwards towards me the cool crisp chill of a winter morning hit me square in the face. The white coating of frost was yet to glisten as the sun was having a lie in. […]

Local Time Trials – Why I Avoid Them!

There was a time not so long ago when The Bikepacking Dad trained hard, sat on Zwift for many hours, and was very interested in his power numbers. Back in those days I was out trying to beat local KOM’s and set new sprint records. […]

YouTube Video Review – Ortlieb Seat Pack!

So we have reached video 3 of 3! All of my bikepacking bags have been reviewed and are available to watch on YouTube. I hope some of you have managed to have a nosey and that what you saw was presentable and informative. […]

YouTube Video Review – Ortlieb Top Tube Frame Pack!

I’m aware that some people may not have, or want, a YouTube account so I thought it only fair to create written posts here with the video below. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to catch the reviews if it’s something that interests you. […]

My YouTube Debut!

A super short blog post to let you all know that, as of right now, my first ever attempt at a YouTube video is live to the world… […]

Why B Roads Are King!

Depending where you are in the world you might not have a clue what I mean when I say ‘B roads’ so let me take a second to explain what they are where I come from. […]

Where Is This Going?

A little heads up before we get going! This isn’t a cycling story or a review. This is a post about what I am doing here and what work I plan on putting in to improve the content you all get to read or watch. […]

Everesting – My Attempt!

So first of all I should probably clarify what ‘Everesting’ is and secondly I will move onto why an earth anyone, including me, would think this was a good idea. […]

How To Ride Your Bike Further!

So a few days ago I asked my handful of Instagram followers if they had any suggestions / topics they would like me to cover. One of the suggestions was how to train and prepare for a bike ride upwards of 50 miles in length. […]

Solo Bikepacking Safety Tips!

When I was young, free, and single, I would never have thought about writing ‘safety tips’ for any subject. Let alone safety tips for riding your bike and camping. After all, what’s the worst that could happen… […]

My Cycling Story – Part 2

So we got to the part where I was about to spend a mini fortune on a new road bike… If you’ve not read Part 1 click that link and catch up! Let’s take a little detour here though. […]

My Cycling Story – Part 1

Now there’s two parts to this story but the first part will be pretty short and sound very familiar to most of you reading this. Like the majority of people I had bikes growing up as a child. […]

Bikepacking Routes – How to Get Started!

When it comes to creating routes for cycling we are spoilt for choice these days. There are dozens of mapping programs and apps that are at your fingertips with a quick Google search. The best part – most of these are free. […]

Arthur & His First Bike!

So it finally happened, we bought Arthur his first bike! Just a little balance bike from Halfords but something to get him into the swing of things. […]

First Bikepacking Trip – Part 1

The time had come. I had a bike, I had bags, I had some basic camping gear, and a limited amount of camping knowledge and survival skills should this go terribly wrong. […]

What is Bikepacking?

Now there’s a reason that ‘Bikepacking’ and ‘Backpacking’ are very similar words. You can see where I’m going with this right…?

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