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This page contains reviews of products that I either currently use or have used. I only review products that I have put to the test personally so you know that the opinions I give are honest and true!

Best Bikepacking Bike?

“Now depending on what corner of the internet you find yourself in you will read varying opinions on what bike is best for Bikepacking. There’s a good chance […]” Read full article here!

Bikepacking Kitchen – Alpkit Product Reviews!

When the idea of Bikepacking came into my life I had a vision of me sitting at my campsite, my bike photogenically perched behind me somewhere […] Read full article here!

Bikepacking Shoes – What Should I Wear?

When you come from a road riding background you get used to a very particular type of shoe and cleat system. […] Read full article here!

Bikepacking Bags – What Bags Do I Use?

When it came time for me to choose some bikepacking bags I knew I wanted 3 of them. I wanted a handlebar bag, a frame bag, and a seat pack. […] Read full article here!

Bikepacking Sleep System – What Do I Use?

After a long day on the bike I love the last few miles of pedalling. I have committed to the decision that I am going to stop soon and now I’m looking for a cosy secluded spot to set up camp. […] Read full article here!

Water In The Wilderness – Sawyer Water Filtration System

Not the most gripping title I’m sure you will agree! Picture this though – you’re out in the middle of nowhere, you have just taken your last mouthful of water, and unless you find a magic lamp and get 3 wishes from a Genie […] Read full article here!

Bikepacking Routes – How To Get Started!

When it comes to creating routes for cycling we are spoilt for choice these days. There are dozens of mapping programs and apps that are at your fingertips with a quick Google search. The best part – most of these are free. […] Read full article here!

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